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I am 45 years old and I think I am about 3 weeks pregnant. I had three positive early detection HPT but the urine test at the doctors office came back negative. The nurse told me to come back later because it was too early. I already have two wonderful girls age 17 and 12 so I can recognize that "I know Im pregnant" feeling. Thank God my pregnancy with them was very easy and natural. I didnt have any problems and didnt even know I was in labor and I had them without any pain medicine. It was all great, but now that I am 45 I am scared. Being a nurse, I am familiar with all the complications that are possible, not to mention that I feel like its borderline embarrassing at my age. I went to the doctor the other day and the receptionists were laughing at me and one even said that I should have had my tubes tied after my last one. They didnt know I heard them so I didnt say anything. I just feel like a basket case with worrying about everything and would like any support thats out there.

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