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Hi everyone,
On Nov. 10, 2016 I was told by the oncologist and his nurses that my mom has Stage 4 lung cancer, it's fast growing and it has spread to her brain and produced multiple tumors. I also had a cousin he was 35 yrs old when he had Stage 4 colon cancer, he passed Jan. 1, 2016. After getting the news about my mom, I was given the choice to give permission for treatment of chemo or just bring her home and ensure she is happy, see family and be comfortable. I chose to bring her home. Due to the fact of that she already had a stroke a year prior, COPD and already very weak; the chemo side effects would eventually kill her even faster. After bringing my mom home, I have not told her that she has cancer due to her getting sicker and eventually just going down from there. So I have ensured that she is feeling okay everyday. And she has been doing fine ever since leaving the hospital. The oncologist gave her a few weeks to a month to live, it has been 1 month and 8 days today. God has the last say so. Remember that!!!... And for me,,, I have gotten closer to God, striving to understand life and death, striving to be strong and ask for strength and guidance on how to provide the best care everyday and just being with my mom through everything. I don't know what it is but it's like I want to be by her side throughout this whole thing and I will be. For those going through this battle with cancer, I have this to say: Even though it may be devastating to hear that you or a loved one has cancer, get closer to God and understand that He has promised His children an eternity filled with beauty and these promises that God has for you is waiting and you will be healthy and happier with Him than you have ever been in this world. I am going to help spread the awareness of cancer and do whatever I can to help and encourage others through this storm.

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