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Samantha Skelly

So..here we are.

Hungry For Happiness started as a dream, that dream turned into conscious thought, thought progressed to a number of thoughts, which then transformed into words. From those words I gained inspiration from others to continue this journey, and inch by inch here we are today. Hungry for Happiness is born.

As the founder it’s equal parts terrifying and exciting. I can see the momentum it’s carrys and I know the explosion is having massive international impact I often just have to close my eyes and hold on as it guides me though unknown winding roads. The intention is there, the journey is being dictated.

Growing up as a dancer I spent 25 hours a week staring at myself in the mirror. I was poked and prodded by ballet teachers to firm up the flabby bits of my body that didn’t scream ‘Prima Ballerina’ It was an absolute miracle I didn’t develop an eating disorder then, however all my friends developed eating disorders around me. The notion of not eating confused me as my world revolved around food as a kid - I was obsessed! The thought of not eating didn’t even cross my mind. So as my fellow dancers were eating raisins and apple portions I dove right into my tuna sandwich.

Then the age of 18 hit…

I began to notice parts of my body I wasn’t totally happy with, it was on my mind all the time. I obsessed over working out, I danced more in fear of getting fat rather than for the love of it. Dance became a chore, going to the gym was a drag and I lost the love for exercise. I worked out because I hated my body, not because I loved it.

My love for food wasn’t expressed because I was always on a diet. You name it, I’ve probably done it. I would literally protein poison myself with the Akins diet, do high-fat high-protein diets and be scarfing down cream cheese (I know, it sounds ridiculous) I even went to the extend of the ‘tea diets’ Drink copious amounts of laxative tea, shit yourself for a week then gain it all back.

As a personal trainer I felt I wasn’t being true to myself, my art and my career. I was telling my clients on thing, and doing something completely different. It was a frightening paradigm. After client sessions, my clients would tell me about the struggle they had with food and how they hated their bodies. Giving advice felt completely unauthentic, it felt I was putting on an identity. They came to see me for weight loss, however the root of the problem was so much deeper than doing burpees.

Then it clicked…

I wasn’t helping them with the root of the problem, I’m just putting a bandaid on the issue.

That’s when it all changed. I decided I would undergo a social experiment on myself and see the results. For a year I underwent some serious self work. When all my friends were at parties, I was at home reading self-help books and learning how to love myself & my body.

My mind was blown - I felt so at ease in my body. I actually LOVED my self (what a concept in today’s world) and food no longer had power over me. The mental clarity I had felt like I was on drugs. I had space! to think, to love, to grow and to contribute! It was pure ecstasy.

After I equipped myself with the fundamental qualifications to teach and share this story I founded Hungry For Happiness. The pure joy to be given an opportunity to share this story & inspire others is beyond anything I could possibly articulate. Seeing client transformations in 6 months makes me want to jump for joy, and I do - all the time!

My clients often say to me ‘You’ve changed my life!’ I disagree. You changed your own life, I’ve just guided you there.

Samantha Skelly
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You are not your thoughts, you are an observer of your thoughts.

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