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I was under a lot of stress when I was packing to move from Chicago, IL to Henderson,NV. I always had a slight palpation which never bothered me but on the Wednesday before I was leaving Chicago and moving to NEV. and the furniture was packed all of a sudden my heart started racing so fast that I had to go to the emergency room at Northwestern Hospital. They put me right in the hospital and decided to do a procedure where they put a wire into my groin up to my heart where they could electro the spot that was causing the problem. I am now in Nevada and it's been two weeks and although I still feel a blip once in a while I am doing much better. The problem is that the hospital gave me a strong pill to make sure the palpitations don't come back, it has made me tired all the time. Sure wish I could find a solution without having surgery.

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I always remind myself how lucky I am to have the opportunity to live near my Son who said "Mom, move to Las Vegas, I want to take care of you"

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