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Leslie Traill, founder of “Sexy Over Sixty,” is a pioneer in the field of life coaching and personal empowerment – in fact, she began her coaching career back in 1977, before there were even training courses available. “Sexy Over Sixty” is a boutique life coaching agency with a mandate to empower women to meet the challenges of their mid-forties, fifties, sixties and beyond. A sought after speaker and counsellor, Leslie incorporates a wealth of personal and professional experience into her private sessions and corporate seminars.

Leslie has a keen understanding of business as a result of her professional experience in law and the fashion industry. Her strong commercial instincts, coupled with a life-long study of Mindfulness Meditation, makes her uniquely suited to guide her clients toward lives that are healthier and more productive, with stronger decision-making and communication skills, more rewarding relationships and enhanced careers.

Blue-chip companies understand the benefits for their employees – and Leslie’s corporate seminars are tailored to time, availability and budget. Her interactive “Lunch and Learn” presentations are concise, compelling overviews of the benefits of utilizing meditation techniques and life coaching in order to help create a more balanced, satisfying life and career. Read Leslie's Testimonials to learn more.

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“I literally woke up one morning and did not recognize the image looking back at me in the mirror. At first I felt sad, then I felt angry and then I felt empowered to make changes. I encourage you to embark on this wonderful journey with me and learn how you can change your mind, change your body and change your life. Becoming "Sexy over Sixty" is a powerful journey and I know that you are capable of doing it; however, it has to start now. You can embrace the feeling of empowerment and look back at yourself in the mirror with a renewed sense of vibrancy and youthfulness. Take it from me, IT CAN BE DONE” -Leslie Traill

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