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In short, I'm always depressed and sad. I get stressed over certain things that trigger other things to be stressed about. I'm worried about other people, the world, the economy, pollution, money, and how it effects everyone. I'm suicidal and can't really help it. I'm taking herbal remedies and talking with therapists and I'm feeling improvement but only slightly. When I get upset I feel like I need someone like me to talk to. I dislike younger kids and do better with adults.. but I use what I feel to help other people like me on the internet my age and older. I'm young myself but I have a strong IQ of around 136.
I have trouble finding friends because I'm different in a mental sense, also given I don't get out a lot.. I only have three friends like me living off the north-east boarder of New York and Maryland who are suffering in their pre-teen lives who I've helped through a lot of things.
Me and my family have moved about eight times around Utah and Nevada to follow jobs but my dad is hoping to get one in Seattle. At first I was excited, since Washington is a newer state with less pollution/polluters, but then I found out that Seattle has a very high suicide rate due to a seasonal-related disorder caused by all the rain. I felt down by that because I'm a little sensitive to rain as well and now I'm just not sure..

On a walk with my 17-year-old sister, Bailey, I was just thinking about everything wrong with the world, my oldest sister, and me. I started to cry and she asked what was wrong so I told her. She just said not to worry and that "people are realizing how stupid they've gotten so now they're reversing it" and to "just live life while you can."
All my therapists and psychiatrists told me I was on a depression rate of 130 and higher, and that it was just my hormones kicking in.. but it feels like it really is the world. It sucks because I can't do anything about it..

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"A good nine out of ten bad things I’ve worried about never happened. A good nine out of ten bad things that did happen never occurred to me to worry about."

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