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At the age of 37 years young, I was hit by a car driving the wrong way (October 10, 2015). My talus was completely shattered. My tibia and fibula were broken in three places. After approximately three months in the hospital and three surgeries later I was finally allowed to go home. Long story short I'm embarking on my seventh month anniversary and I still can't walk. I remain in constant pain. My foot (right) always feel swollen and I often feel shocks shooting through it; the doctor said it's my nerves still reacting to all the trauma from the accident and multiple surgeries. I was looking up information about ankle fusion (since now that's the only option my surgeon is giving me) and stumbled onto this site. I can honestly say I'm glad to know I'm not alone, yet I'm also saddened to learn there's so many others that are dealing with this, due to various life circumstances. However, it's my desire to receive hope from this page as well as leave a lot of Sunshine on it! It's because of my faith in God and my two princesses that I continue to find a reason to smile. All of you will be in my continued prayers.

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