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Well I has an Seizure In the show on Oct 29, 2008 and fell and re-broke my leg that was fused for 29+ yrs. Went to see the Doctor that had did all my other surgery's on my leg in the past. He did surgery on Jan, 6. 2009. Well when I came out of surgery I told him something wasn't right. I was in the Hospital for 7 day and Had 3 blood tranfusions. Got out of the hospital on saturday morning and went straight home and to bed. I stayed there til Monday morning when my daughter had to rush me back to his office. I had an infection call steph that I cought in the hospital. Well he just changed the bandage and gave me some Medication and said go home and see me in week. Well I went back in a week and he said it was looking ok. So, he refilled my pain medication and said come back in week. Well needed to say I didn't make a week. I woke up in the middle of the night with blood and stuff all my bed. My daughter rushed me to the hospital and they did Xrays and said that the bar and plates he put in had moved. So, back to his office again and he said just keep it clean and come back in 4 weeks.
Still the same thing was said them. So, finally on Aug 16 he took the plates and screws out and I had an real bad infection was put in Icelation for 5 days. Finally got to go home , Well I got all the lab work back and I had lost more blood and now an anemia and malnutrished. Went back to his office 10 days later to get the staples out and the infection was still there. So, he said to come back in 3 weeks. Well mean while waiting to go back I get a letter in the mail telling me that he is not practicing and I need to find a new doctor. Well I was kinda glad about that. I found a wonderful doctor and he put me in the hospital and cleaned out the infection and sent me to Infection Disease Control to start IV antibotics. I started them and had Just fun with them 2 weeks ago, but before that this doctor went in and cleaned my leg out and said I have osto, and need to do more exsenive surgery cause I have only a 5% change of keeping my leg. I cried and begged him to do whatever he had to save my leg. Well he told me that he had a specialist coming and doing the surgery for him. I said ok, thank you and god bless. I met the new doctor on friday and sunday feb 14 he went in and did a cultrul and took measurements for a rod. So, on Tuesday the 16 of Feb, he went and removed 7 inches of bone and put in a new medical rod that has concrete around it and antibotic in the concrete that has antibotics on it and it slow releases medication everyday for the rest of my life. Now I am also on Oral antibotic due to I am a risk of it coming back cause of the other doctor not catching it. I am also anemia and have alot of other medical problems thanks to him. Now I have to take it one day at a time. I am not able to walk on it and am in a wheel chair all the time due to the damage that was cause. BUT the one thing I can say is I still have my leg. I am 2 months post op and still have the infection and stuff. I have to go to all kinds of other drs to take care of the other infection the this one had spreaded to. I can not eat regukar food cause they make me sick, so now I am on soy stuff or Ensure to try to survive all this. I have to drink lots of protien and whey to help to bring things back to normal. BUT I WISH I KNEW WHY MY BLOOD LEVERS ARE DROPPING! They where 12.8 3 weeks ago and now they are 10.9, there is not bleeding anywhere,, think I have drug induced anemia and stuff. Still doing alot of testing and stuff.
Thank you for letting me tell my story,
God bless to all,
Bithlo, Fla

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Melissa Ann Parsons Cunha


Bithlo, Florida Just east of Down town Orlando, FL 32833


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