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Susan is a fictional character representing latest news and product information for Bausch & Lomb Multi-Focal Contact Lenses.

Susan is a 44-year-old resident of Naperville, IL. She has been happily married to Phil for 10 years. Susan is a busy mother of two children, Madison, 9, and Brandon, 5, and a proud owner of a young but well-behaved golden retriever named Gordon.

Susan is a freelance marketing consultant for Bausch & Lomb. Three years ago, Susan noticed that her vision was changing as a result of presbyopia, and is currently wearing Bausch & Lomb Multi-Focal contact lenses.

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Naperville, IL, IL


Feb 10

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“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” - Jonathan Swift “The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision.” - Helen Keller “Life is a train of moods like a string of beads; and as we pass through them they prove to be many colored lenses, which paint the world their own hue, and each shows us only what lies in its own focus.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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