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I graduated nursing school in '96, the same year I caught chicken pox, worked for a couple of years and began having constant URIs that wouldn't respond to the standard ABOs. Then because of the incessant coughing my back, sides and torso began to hurt, doctor dx intercostal myalgia. This went on for 3 weeks until four small blisters showed their ugly little heads, my doctor was so affected due to his "wrong" dx. It was realized that the virus had started on the nerve and severely damaged it before the virus reared it's head to the public. My doctor had been standing at the time I showed him the blisters, and he almost just "fell" into his chair stating that he knew what it was, Post-Herpetic Neuralgia, and then began apologizing for not exploring my trunk pain sooner. Anyway, that was in 1999. In May of 2000 it went into remission and I applied for a job at another hospital in the area. On June 30th of 2000 I was the "restrained passenger in the no-fault vehicle". I don't care what they called me because the accident reaggravated the PHN with a vengence and we also believe that's what triggered my Fibromyalgia. I was 40 years old! Pain doctor after pain doctor, trying different pharmacocktails and found one that worked well enough, but not well enough for me to go back to work. I did however go back to work, nursing, PRN three days a week and after a year of missed work R/T the PHN. Social Security Administration denied me 4 times in as many years, finally on the 5th try they finally saw the light. I don't like being "disabled" and I don't like not being able to work; especially as a nurse, I loved that job. I am not 50 and on my 4th pain doctor and he just doesn't listen to me very well even though I keep expressing that the PHN is the crux of my chronic pain, the FM just adds more.
Well, I truly tried to make a long story short, but I think that I got my point across. My doctor's NP is a great lady who listens to me about the pain. I have a very high pain tolerance so if there's debilitating pain even over MY threshold I've been on so many different drugs and if the Quitenza works like they say it's supposed to work, then maybe I can hold my 3 week old grandson (the first) without having to come home, take meds and do nothing and sit perfectly still in my recliner, which also serves as my bed because I cannot lie down R/T the pain. I'm hoping above hopes that the Quitenza proves it's worth!
Thank you for "listening" to my rant and my story, I hope it can give some type of relief for others suffering like myself.
S. Lydic

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Aug 7


Don't let anyone tell you that all of your pain is just in your head!