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I am a fifty year black american sister, how is oldest i my family, and i have four boys and three grandchildren, and i am in college and I have one more seamtser to go before finsh. i am dietebic, and wtih i have high blood pressure came with it. I have hot flashes and memory problems and i have a hard time rememoring a lot stuff that i knew all my life. I also have back problems and a little arthur going to exspecial when i write my finger go a different way. It's like my brain has been frozen for some time. my body up and down in weight but i manger my blood sugar very well i eat sweets some time but all the time. so if thier some poeple going through what i am going can a sister get some help!

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Amsterdam, NY Montgomery


If you have no confidence inself you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started. ( Marcus Garvey)

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