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Well I guess I really cant say I am writing on my behalf to my health It is more about my sons story.I am a mother of 3 I have 2 sons 12,2 and a daughter 8 I was just surfing the web looking for information on Autism and Asperger syndrome,when i came accross this website,I am trying to find some answers or different people out there who have similar children that they suspect have autism or have been diagnoised with Autism or Ausburger syndrome My son who is turning 3 in March only has a vocbulary of about 10 words,His sleep patterns are very different at times he also likes to be in control of things,he demonstrates alot of obbessive behaviors like changing his shirt many times through out the day,He also throws alot of tempertantrums which I believe stem back to the lack of communication,He does make eye contact with you and he is very smart and knows and understands what you are saying to him. He can be very diffucult at times but he does show interest in other children he just doesnt know how to interact with them very well and with his delay in laguage it seems to be very difficult for him to interact with children his own age because they dont understand him and he may get upset if they ignore him because he is unable to communicate if anyone has a unique child with similar behaviors had any input or usefull information that would be great I have not taken him to be diagnosed yet and not sure if I am even on the right track

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May 18

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