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Teri Golley Leacu

I woke up at 1am August 30th, 2016 from a explosion so I thought slammed against the closet door with the worse pain in the back of my head. My neck, shoulder, buttocks, & left leg were throbbing too. My left foot pad & 2 middle toes were numb. I crawled up the stair's to my daughters room shivering. She said the house shook & she heard a loud bang 3 minutes earlier. She put a blanket around me & put me in my son's ond room. We never called the ambulance. We thought I just fell out of bed. I went back to sleep. That afternoon I drove to Norwood hospital knowing I still had my right foot to hit the paddles to drive. Hour's later I was ammited to the ICU unit for 3 day's. I had an EKG, MRI, chest & back x ray. They couldn't find anything wrong with me except that my blood pressure was very high of 190/92. I never had high bloodpressure before. They had MRI's from a 2009 car accident & most recent MRI from June, 2016 for neck pain. I needed assistance walking to the restroom. They gave me high blood pressure medication, painkillers. 3 days later September 1st, 2016 the Neurologist found a 10 mm aneurysm on my basilar artery under the brain. The hospital gave me a Neurosurgeons name local to see asap then then sent me home. I found Dr Mohammad Sultan at Brigham & Woman's Hospital. By that time my aneurysm was 2.4 mm when he did coiling surgery October 6th, 2016. He also found a small 1.5 aneurysm on my left posterior cerebral artery that would've been to dangerous to coil for now. I was in there until 5 pm October 8th 2016. Last week they called & told me they have all my ct scan & MRI from 2005 & to go to a Neurologist closer to my home at Brigham & Woman's/ Mass General Hospital day care for my foot & neck injury for my neck. I walking better. I'm to scared to drive. I get rides from my son & sister. I'm on gabapentin that's not relieving any pain. Also on Lisinopril that's not helping.

Teri Golley Leacu
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Foxborough, MA United States


May 1


I'm enjoying each day of my life as if it's my last.

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