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Ever since puberty started for me I've dealt with anxiety issues. This has been about 24 years now. Its only been about 6 years now that I have discovered the corralation between my digestive system and the anxiety/panics attacks. It does'nt happen everytime and I have'nt figured out exactly how or why this happens but when I'm about to have a bowel movement there will be waves of unexplainable anxiety that go through my brain until the movement passes or sometimes it happens with gas the same way. Its like a lightswitch and sometimes its a lingering feeling if my stomach is gurgally. I've been on different antideppressants over the years but always end up getting off of them as I don't like taking medicine or like the side affects or the feeling of being on something. I've always been a mystery to all the doctors I've ever seen and I've seen alot. I have managed it the past couple years really well with diet and not eating anything really gassy or fried foods and pretty much eating the things I know my tummy can handle. Still it would be nice to know what happens and a way to prevent it all together. A mystery the story of my life it seems.

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It will end. This will not last forever.

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