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so i found out i was pregnant with my first when i was just about to be two months along and i was super excited. i went and had my first ultra sound on january 2nd and i was 8 weeks and me and my husband seen the baby and the heart beat and it was just great. Then about a week ago i started spotting so i went to the hospital and i had to get an ultra sound and my baby didnt have a heart beat that broke my heart i broke down and come to find out the baby died when it was 8 wks and 4 days old and i was almost 11 wks when i found out!! so now im going through this waiting game the pain i have in my abdimon in the morning is excruseating and its the worst pain ive ever been through physically and emotionally! the worst part about it is none of the doctors i have seen will help me its like they think a miscarriage ia an easy thing and its by far one of the hardest things ive ever been through.

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winchester, VA usa


Mar 17


try and think positive no matter what situation or things you are in or going through

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