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I was dx with AIH Sept 2001. I was put on Imuran and Prednisone and the doctor did taper the prednisone down to 15 and tried to go lower but my enzymes went up and therefore had to go back up to 15. HATE IT! Can't lose weight at all because I am always hungry. When I eat the healthy foods with protein I feel like I am starving one hour after eating so I gravitate towards the foods that make me feel full...potatoes, rice, beans with the veggies and meat. I have read the book about Prednisone and AIH and it is still difficult to cope with. My husband has gotten better about understanding but it is hard on him I am sure because I don't have the energy I used to have. I hide behind my humor most of the time. We don't have children and in the long run is best because I feel bad 95% of the time. I work full time and that is what keeps me from major depression but it is very hard to get up daily. I am here to learn from others that I am sure have and feel the way I do. Please feel free to give me advice and pointers because I need them. Thank you. I wish you ALL well and good days ahead!

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