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urnsadron Whaley

Biodegradable Urns are one design that can really personalize the memorial service. Some families choose religious figures, such as angels or a cross, while others go for a shape that is specific to their deceased loved one's life. Even pet urns come in sculpted styles. Manufacturer's now offer urns that are shaped to look like life-sized versions of your pet, even if your pet was a large canine.

Another option for keepsake cremation urns are the trinket or pendant sized containers. These are small, almost jewelry-like in design. Some even come with velvet or wooden display cases that are nothing short of luxurious.

If you are seeking a traditional style with a unique look, try a heart or circular shaped cremation urn. These keep to all the standard urn designs, but with one of a kind characteristics.

urnsadron Whaley
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