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Virginia Slim

I'm just a woman. I'm a woman who takes everyday as it comes. I'm a woman trying to learn about my purpose. We all have a purpose, it's up to us to figure it out. At 27 years old, I'm an old soul with so much more to learn. I embrace the world around me because the world is my teacher. I take in the positive, learn from the negative and in turn exude beauty. I have come to except that I'm human and with that comes self doubt, highs and lows, uncertainty, belief and happiness. The emotional roller coaster is something NO ONE will ever be able to avoid. It's all about getting through the lows and embracing the highs! It's what I would like to call, Life.

Virginia Slim
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St.Louis, MO


All you have to do is just do it and you'll be surprised at how you get it done.

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