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I'm a 77yr old woman and diagnosed with bone on bone osteoarthritis in both knees and require total knee replacements. Other than that I'm healthy and still working though my quality of life is slowly diminishing due to limited mobility I'm experiencing. The doctor informed me I'd know when I'd be ready for surgery because the pain will become unbearable and I'll have no choice but go through with the operation. I plan to call him to set up an appointment when I'm ready mentally & emotionally because I have a lot of fear etc. I have to overcome first. What made it worse I talked to a lady today that had TKR done and they did the wrong knee now suffers with the one that should have been done. I read in some forums about people who had bad experiences with their TKR surgeries. I am aware a lot of people are happy & thankful they had their knee surgeries done and wished they hadn't waited so long. It'll be awhile before I have mine done. Perhaps I need more encouragement, support and positive feed back from people whose TKR surgeries were successful...

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Sintaluta, USA

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