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I've never really been one of those people concerned about health. Even though I was often sick and got strep-throat a lot, I just considered myself normal. Through bouts of depression and joint pain, I never really put much thought into what it meant to be healthy. I've never been over or under-weight, my doctor always said you're just the right size for your height, and you seem just about perfect.
Despite my asthma and frequent headaches, I figured that these were normal health issues and too common to worry about. As a child I loved my fruits and vegetables and loved milk. I love sandwiches and my favorite place to eat used to be Subway, and I always ordered the veggie-delight. Only now, since my habits have changed, and my headaches get worse, I begin to wonder, is there more to it than that?
Yes, like healthy skin, and healthy teeth, healthy eyes, and a healthy intimate life, with regular people and in relationships. I want to be healthy in all aspects of my life, not just my weight and favorite foods.

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Jul 23


Each step you take, is leading you somewhere new. Even when you feel like you're going backwards.

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