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AUDIO: Dr. Mao - How Can Women Use Food To Achieve Personal Rejuvenation?

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Dr. Mao, what is it about Epsom salt? It seems like it provides so many wonderful healing elements. Is it just salt in general or Epsom salt?

Dr. Maoshing Ni:
No, Epsom salt is actually magnesium sulfate. So it’s not, when it’s salt is because any kind of mineral is considered salt in the old days, but magnesium, as we all know, helps to pull out lactic acid in the muscles which causes cramping and fatigue of the muscles and allow the magnesium balances, it counter-balances the calcium. So it really helps to relax.

You can actually take magnesium to calm down too.

How do you remember all this stuff?

Dr. Maoshing Ni:
Well, let’s see – 25 years of clinical practice. I enjoy what I do with working with patients every single day.

Well, Dr. Mao’s book is out. It’s his latest. It’s “Second Spring”. It’s a wonderful opportunity for any woman out there to find and reconnect with the power that helps her revitalize. Dr. Mao, let’s talk now about perimenopause and menopause, and how does vitamin B12 decrease a woman’s brain fog, and we are all struggling with brain fog, what can they do?

Dr. Maoshing Ni:
Well, again, in “Second Spring” you will find that every single system of your body can be rejuvenated and revitalized. So brain is one of the systems that women will find, as they get older, they start to develop brain fog and lowered concentration and focus and memory. And vitamin B12 of all the B-vitamins, it’s a very critical vitamin for neurological function and actually important also for blood building.

So, if you are B12 deficient, you are most likely to be anemic, and not having the blood delivering nutrients and oxygen in your brain is a big factor in why women feel brain fog as well.

In your book “Second Spring”, I notice that you talked about, is it L-carnitine? And how it assists memory. Can you talk about that?

Dr. Maoshing Ni:

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