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AUDIO: Dr. Mao - How Can Women Use Food To Achieve Personal Rejuvenation?

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So you have to take the raw flax seed, grind it in a coffee grinder, all right, that will take about 30 seconds or so, and then sprinkle it over your cereal or your shake or whatever it is, and then the hull is where the vital sterile of these plant hormones are contained, and this will actually balance your DHT as well as your regular testosterone leading to good, healthy hair because we all know that if DHT, which is the sort of so-called bad testosterone that cause you to lose your hair, if that’s excessive, it can create hair loss, hair thinning.

So many women might find this to be good news, but furthermore, flax seeds because of this property where the plant hormone can balance the testosterone, and therefore, it increases your sexual energy and so it would actually improve your sex life.

So the lignins found in flax seeds that you grind fresh are helpful in supporting or improving a woman’s libido?

Dr. Maoshing Ni:
Yes, that is true, and it’s hard to believe, but try it, Todd.

Oh, you bet I will. You bet I will. Let’s talk about, now that we are on seeds, what should women know for their own rejuvenation when considering nuts and seeds?

Dr. Maoshing Ni:
Well, the nuts and seeds are your really best friends because they contain so many beneficial fatty acids, and that it’s really considered highly rejuvenating and longevity foods. And these nuts and seeds that I am talking about are like walnuts, sesame seeds in particular, but other nuts and seeds will also do too, like almonds and cashews and pine nuts and sunflower seeds.

And so, all nuts and seeds contain really beneficial properties to strengthen the kidney, adrenal system. In Chinese medicine, it helps to balance blood sugar, and so they make a great snack in the middle of the day in between meals so that you don’t find your energy waning.

Dr. Mao, while you are here with us on EmpowHER, is it too late for women to start their rejuvenation, start their second spring?

Dr. Maoshing Ni:

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