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I kid you not, my hubby is a bona fide hypochondriac. Worse, his brother is a pharmacist; but, he does try to "steer" my hubby straight. My hubby imagines he has the worst of possible ailments and comes across as calling wolf. When he really did have a serious health issue, we were slow to believe him, especially because he refused to go see our doctor. When he finally consented to being taken to the doctor's, he was a hair's breath within being admitted to the hospital with pneumococcal pneumonia.

It's very frustrating living with a hypochondriac. We have dozens of bottles of OTC treatments, herbal/homeopathic treatments, countless bottles of aspirin and pain relievers, etc. that I'm constantly going through for expiration dates. He literally drinks Pepto-Bismol by the bottle and seems to live on seltzer tablets. On the other hand, he does take vitamins, usually daily.

He has terrible eating habits and is a chain smoker. So, I just don't "get" why he's so pill-dependent, but won't really do anything about his health. He's constantly self-diagnosing himself. If he drives me, he takes up MY time at my check ups talking about his imagined ailments - but won't set an appointment for himself.

It absolutely drives me nuts!

July 21, 2008 - 4:39pm


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