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I'm sorry you experienced such awful side effects. Did you discuss them with your doctor? If so, what other alternatives where you told about (to help other readers as well!). Are you looking into other treatment options currently?

As far as the medication "staying in your system", I would be interested in hearing from a medical doctor or pharmacist, as I believe (merely an educated guess), that medication does not "stay in your system" for more than a few days, depending on the type of drug...I'm not referring to flashbacks from hallucinogens (!!), as far as you feeling the effects of the actual drug. Sure, there are drug tests that can check hair follicles, one month after taking it...but as far as still feeling any effects from the drug itself...I question if it is the drug, it's after-effects, or something else? Have you had your symptoms evaluated by your health care provider?

August 10, 2008 - 7:18pm


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