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Remember the guy who, 10 years ago, said he lost a significant amount of weight - 245 lbs - eating at Subway? Jared Fogle inspired others, including Jason Cromley who lost 90 lbs on a "Subway diet," and what a transformation! He could not have achieved ripped abs without exercise, so there has to be a connection between making certain fast food choices and exercise.

About the McDonald's story, here's one news piece on Chris Colseon's 80 lb weight loss, along with before and after photos.

I've long believed that, if you're judicious, you can still enjoy fast foods. It's good to see that more establishments are offering salads, and now apple "fries" as healthier choices. BUT, you still have to watch out for the hidden extra calories and saturated fats in the salad dressings, fried sliced chicken on the lovely salads, and the sugary frozen concoctions that are so refreshing in our summer heat.

It doesn't hurt to indulge, once in a while. While I'm happy for these guys who have managed to shed excessive weight by making healthy selections from the fast food menus, somehow, I can't see myself trying that route. If anyone out there has had some success going this route, I'd sure love to hear your story!

July 24, 2008 - 4:32pm


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