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Hi there susang8,

Have you noticed that the hives appear at certain times of the year or have you noticed any other pattern of appearance? Are you on medications that may cause this reaction?

While we have submitted your question to a dermatologist, I did find some information on the Mayo Clinic's Web site regarding chronic hives:

"In most cases of chronic hives, a cause is never clearly identified. In some cases, the condition may be related to an underlying autoimmune disorder — when your body becomes allergic to itself. Chronic hives can also be linked to other health problems such as thyroid disease or lupus.

While the underlying cause of chronic hives is usually not identified, treatment can help with symptoms. For many people, a combination of antihistamine medications provides the best relief."

Have you been checked for a thyroid condition or lupus? Those answers may lead to a treatment for you. I've also read that blood disorders may be at the root of their appearance.

July 28, 2008 - 10:06am


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