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Please help i am a 36 year female. Age 11 was my first period. PMS was part of my life. Mood swings anger depression suffer from headaches that make you sick pain in legs and arms which i was tested many many times and doctors did not have a answer for the kind of pain i had. arthric like -- any way i felt lucky my actual period i was fine with 3 to four days normal not heavy not light. no acne besides my behavior i was alright around 18. i started having bleeding spells heavy. i would have to call out of work and not stand. went to hospital. they suggested the pill. my mother was religious and did not believe in the pill so i did not choose that route and seemed to be back to my normal cycles. i had my first son at the age of 21 and a wonderful pregancy no problems. i enjoyed being pregnant and worked up until my last two weeks. vaginal birth. old fashioned way. no drugs. i was proud. it wasnt by choice. believe me my second son arrived 15 months later -- some spotting when i was pregant with him. he was born same way and everyone is fine. im still having PMS just gotten used to it had it awhile now and just accepted everyone is differnt. docs seem to think its just pms so there i started the pill soon after my second son was born my husband was active and worried about being barefoot and pregant so i choose the pill right away. i noticed breakouts and my sexual drive wasnt the same just thought my body went thru alot and it had changed now that i am a mother. my doctor changed it to the lowest dose and have been on it about 12 years now i started to have ovary pain on my left side and complained he noticed i had some sort of cysts. the pill didnt help that and he gave me some anproxen which i still take now for inflamation. he did some test and ended up freezing something in there and continue to have pain on and off seems like every other month only on my left side also while this is going on i started having abnormal pap smears and would have to go every 6 months started getting urinary infections constantly. that sucks. so i have been checked quite often. had some biopsy which were negative i had all these symptoms for years when my insurance changed. had to tell the story all over again and again HMOS. any way some docs seem to ignore my systems and i guess they thought i was just a whiner -- not. i was truly concerned about pms behaviors and pain. they blew me off. i felt like a dummy especially when i asked about where is my drive? was my mind as good i would have pain now and then when having sex the desire is not there i am young no answers about 6 years ago i had to go the er i when i woke one morning i felt like i was stabbed on my left side the pain was awful i instantly arose and ran to the bathroom i was excreting blood all day long with the pain. i waited until my husband came home and went the did nothing at this hospital not even blood work i contiuned to bleed. i called my doctor and he got me in to a colon doc and did a emergency colonscopy. they were stumped. said i was fine and they saw nothing and that was that i was about 28 then so asked is this normal and they said no but dont see anything. did biopsy and was fine. dont let me forget i also started my period that same day this happened and was not confused on where i was bleeding any way i was back to my normal checkups and all urinary infections and bad paps this continued as normal were up to date i started to have problems sweating in the last two years and not all the time. it seems to be getting a little more i mentioned this to my new doct and asked is it possible i am having early signs of menopause and my sex drive i just read recently that if taking the pill long term can affect your libido and you wont ever get it back. i was concerned i only like 32 .i waiting for the crazy 40s sex drive. im not suppose to lose it now and said that no way i could have early menopause and said i needed to see a shrink about the sex thing. and i also started having worse than my normal pain on my left side and showed her starting from my left by my kidney all down to my ovary. she said it was back pain i said no i feel it inside like it was bruised. i am very unhappy about the way i feel. i only am interested in sex when i am on my period. my pain is becoming a large part of my daily life. the anaproxen isnt helping. i guess im crazy. i had to get a new doct, hmo and went to have my yearly physical. i told her last 3 months i have pain when i eat i feel like i have a blockage on my whole left side and its everyday i cant take it something is wrong. it started when i took my pill on a sunday and hasnt stopped. i go to work and come home lay in bed -- hot pad not working i feel tired all the time and sometimes i feel like i cant move. Weak before my period. Just wannna sleep like 15 hours for a few days and still dont feel rested any way she sent me for a mammogram my first at 35 and it was fine she also did a pap it has been fine and sent me for a cat scan they found nothing she was more concerned about the kidney area on my back side it was fine. i went to a new gyn and told her i feel terrible. Tired, pain non stop 24-seven can't eat. When i do i feel pain in my stomach, feels like something is in there ovary inflamed and starting to spread to my right side. never had problems there she set up a interanl sonagram and found a fibroid with some cycts. and recommended a laprscopy to be done i know im not crazy. i feel bad. sure enough. the day of my period 5 years later i had the stabbing pain on the left side and ran to bathroom and stayed there pooping blood. i got myself together and went to work and had blood all day, took the kids to dentist went back to work finished inventory and went home all day i was pooping blood and in pain next day. went to work and came home and pooped out blood clots. husband said had to go to er. i was upset knowing they will tell me noting is wrong. went there. admitted me was there for 3 days the did gi bleed tests colonscopy, blood work, xrays, and tube in throat. i finished passing blood and was sent home. nothing followed up with another gi doc and he did another colonscopy and results are nothing. i am fine. not normal but fine i followed up with gyn she wants to do laproscopy. must be prepared to lose uterus or full hysterectmy once im under i said we have done so many test nothing shows i dont mind if i get my uterus out -- that means stopping the pill and i am a smoker 35 and was informed that pms is still going to be my friend. wow not trade off any way i am schedules on aug 25 for the procedure. im concerned am i going to feel better or worse help thanks for reading my story clueless anyone that can relate please contact me

July 30, 2008 - 5:37pm


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