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hi! I just read your post, and I have to say, it was a little hard to follow! :-) Let me see if I can recap what your feeling and going through, and we can get some answers for you!

It sounds like you have been to many doctors, most of whom have "blown you off" with either not believing your symptoms, or when the tests come back normal, they send you back home. Is this right?

You have some real concerns about: pain, PMS and lack of sex drive, as well as early onset of menopause, right?

You mentioned that you have been to the ER for blood in your stool. What was the diagnosis for this?

You mentioned abnormal paps, is this from HPV or something else (ovarian cysts)? How is this being treated? You also mentioned ovarian, kidney and stomach pain, right? Where is your pain, exactly located? Does the pain occur only around your period?

Have you found a doctor that you trust, who will listen to all of your symptoms? You may find it helpful to keep a short/brief diary of your symptoms, and include date, time, symptom(s), duration of symptom(s) and a few notes about how you're feeling and anything "new" that you did that day (foods, exercise, stress-level, etc).

You are having a full hysterectomy on August 25th, right? What is the reason for this (diagnosis)?

Lastly, regarding your lack of sex drive, this could be anything: all of your medical reasons that you mentioned and not having a proper diagnosis can be frustrating and frightening, your relationship with your partner, your stress-level, hormone levels, etc.

Do you have a good family or friend support system who can go to the doctor with you, and help advocate on your behalf?

Let us know how you are doing, and hopefully someone can respond to your questions that is going through some of the same experiences. You can search this site, also, as many women have talked about these subjects individually ("sex drive", "libido", "early menopause", "PMS", "hysterectomy").

July 31, 2008 - 1:12pm


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