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I had a ruptured aneurysm March 17 2016. I had been experiencing very bad headaches, left ear ache, headache behind left eye for a couple of months prior. On the day of the rupture, I passed out in the shower and family was right there and called 911. I lost consciousness briefly but do not remember a whole month as I was sent via ambulance to hospital (took about 2 hours from initial scan til arrival to trauma hospital). I was one of the lucky 12 1/2 percent who survived with no devastating ill effects, have a little vision problem and balance problem but everything works and brain function just fine. I had no really bad headache all of a sudden like everyone else seems to have, instead just passed out. I was treated at UW Madison - excellent trauma team and doctor - diagnosis SAH. For a doctor to say there is no hope, it is my personal opinion that that is not an option, maybe the skills of the doctor who said this are lacking, I cannot understand how a doctor could say this as if my doctor could have said this, I would be dead. My aneurysm was clipped. Don't ever let a doctor say there's no hope, they should at least try ?????

August 23, 2016 - 3:40am


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