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My mom died suddenly from a brain aneurysm on June 15, 2016. I was in Orlando, Florida with my husband, son, his new fiance (they got engaged on our trip), my dad, and step mom. My mom had been unsteady for a few months and even had a fall. She had been seeing a doctor and going through various tests. The last day I saw her alive was June 9, 2016. She said she was a bit dizzy and I said she needed to see a doctor. She agreed to go when I got back (it was becoming normal for her to be unsteady and dizzy). Half way through our trip I got a call from my brother saying my mom had died. My step father called home on his way home from work with no answer. He knew something was wrong. He found her face down on the tile already deceased. She had a really good day before she passed. She actually told her sister that she no longer had any worries and everyone was going to be okay. She sat down to enjoy her favorite meal and passed in her chair before actually eating. She eventually fell to the floor. The coroner said she was probably gone in seconds. I struggle with the loss of her and the suddenness of her passing. Aneurysms can be cruel. The coroner said if she would have survived, she wouldn't have a quality life. I mourn her every day but am glad she did not suffer. I say this as I cannot sleep tonight because memories of her are so vivid today. God Bless.

November 13, 2016 - 11:14pm


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