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Soooo sorry,,, iam a 53 yesrbold msn in jersey.. ill be 54 on the 35 of this month,, today is saterday.. 2 more days.. this mounday is my surgery... i have 2 on my righr brain sn 2 on my left brain,,hebis only foin my right side ... 9 mm ana 5 mm,,,, he has to go threw my skull,,funny thing .. my girl is a doctore,, she thought it was my M.S. nope ... had headaches everyday for like 8 months.. then i hear a high pitch in my head from the time i wake up,, to the time i go to bed!!! I seen Neurologist ,,, you know your body!! I new this wasnt becsuse of my M.S. Thank god i was checked out!!!! My advice to all,, you know your body better then anyone!! Get help!!!! Hod bless you sn your fsmily!!! U only have 1 mom in this worid!

May 6, 2017 - 9:06am


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