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I had an anurysim in 2012 I was told the headache I felt then, is now called a thunder clap headache. while having the headache I heard the ocean in my head and it was the blood rushing in my head. I went to the emergency room got treated for a migraine, day 2 different hospital same treatment, day 3 same hospital as day 1 migraine treatment again, day 4 diffrent hospital, they sent me to my Dr. appointment she sent me in for an MRI with contrast they took me back to the hospital I just came from and they treated me like a real patient. stayed in the Hospital for 3 more days and released! wish I would have known about this before it happened I would have been able to get in to see someone who could have helped me right away! but now I know I have 4 more waiting!

May 4, 2019 - 6:58pm


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