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My husband has had a troubled childhood where he witnessed his father abuse his mother. His Mom never left his father, but still to this day won't give the father the time of day, even now that the abuse has stopped. This is where I believe my Husbands lack of physical touching comes from. He won't kiss me, hug me, hold my hand, touch my hair . . nothing. he has not so much as brushed by me in a month. Then out of the blue he wants sex. (which just makes me feel like a pin cushion because there is no kissing, fondling . . nothing just sex). I give in to the sex because at least he is some what touching me again, and not cheating on me. But I am miserable, lonely, just to name a few emotions. How do I get my extremely stuborn husband to seek counseling or start any kind of intimacy that is not straight sex.

October 20, 2010 - 9:28am


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