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Woke up bloated and with a stomach ache on a Sunday morning. The stomach ache wasn't too bad, it would come and go. It wasn't until Monday that I knew something was wrong. Monday throughout the day my appetite was gone. Monday night I had dry heave and pain on the lower right side of my abdomen. From what i had read online i knew doctors were going to recommend surgery so I did some research online and found cure zone.com and other websites. I read that a few people cured themselves by fasting. So I gave it a shot, fasted for four days followed by eating very light food such as watermelon oranges and then eventually having soup. On the days that I did not eat pain did go away, even on the days that i ate fruit and soups. but by the sixth or seventh day when I had some more heavy foods, Pain came right back. After about a week after the pain first started I was admitted to the hospital. Surgeon was unable to perform laparoscopic surgery so I had a Laparotomy , An incision right down my stomach about six inches long. I had Acute appendicitis. Hospital stay was 4 days, recovery time was 9 weeks. Looking back I should have just went to the ER right after I had dry heave . Still would of had the operation but recovery time would have been a lot less and I wouldn't have a six inch scar down my stomach.
If you have signs of appendicitis I suggest you go to the ER right away.

June 26, 2015 - 3:48am


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