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I recently had emergency surgery to remove my appendix. However I had been suffering with stomach issues for months. Some of which include a bubble like pain on my right side, pulling pain in my belly button and swollen tummy. There were days I felt nauseous and lethargic and had no clue what could be wrong. I made a total of 4 visits to see my doctor including a private gastroenterologist and no none thought to check my appendix. I was diagnosed with constipation the first visit, the second and third visit I was given antibiotics to treat an infection and the private doctor magically concluded I had glandular fever and said I should rest. He ordered an ultrasound which showed nothing however my blood work kept showing an infection but the test for Monospot came back negative. My symptoms continued but I trusted these doctors until recently when I woke up with a sharp pain in the middle of my stomach and by noon my entire stomach was inflamed with pain.

Found out I had acute appendicitis after a CT scan and also learned that my appendix was 3 times longer than normal.

The surgery was successful and I am grateful to share my story but one thing I can say to anyone reading this, appendicitis does not happen overnight. It's gradual and your body tells you something is not right, sadly the symptoms are not always text book and so your doctor might miss it.

Don't take chances ask for a CT scan if you have continuous issues with your stomach.

April 23, 2016 - 4:35am


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