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I've been having stomach issues for two years doctors always treated it with laxatives they said I had IBS after two years with recurring symptoms about every 2-3 months finally said enough is enough I need to see a specialist gastroenterologist and my family physician recommended a CT scan upon receiving a CT scan within 30 minutes leaving the CT office or received phone call it said go to the ER immediately that's when they found that I had a chronic appendicitis that has been healing in on itself every time I was given a dose of antibiotics I can remember one time going to the family physician and then giving me strong antibiotics for a GI tract infection but never understanding how I got it they called it a bacterial infection of the gut so now I'm looking at my old medical charts I'd have the same symptoms for 2 years I got another point that I just wouldn't go to the doctor and wait it out until the last visit in which I become concerned and had found out I would be a father soon there's a difference between being a hypochondriac and actually knowing there's something wrong with your body please don't wait and if you feel that your doctor is not positive of your condition please see another there was so much scar tissue from the appendix swelling and being infected and then growing back in on itself the surgeon's terms that he had a very difficult time removing it during laparoscopy ever since the surgery my stool has been Pasty wet gummy but never solid and firm also I've noticed rapid weight gain and a decreased urge to go even though I eat regular meals three times a day I still feel that something is not quite right

May 24, 2017 - 3:41am


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