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Hi there,
Rosacea has also been something I have had for years, I tried the creams, gels, and antibiotics. Some of them helped with some of the symptoms but none tackled them all. I think that the worst of all the effects have been the emotional impact, my self esteem was underground. If it wasn't for my partner that constantly supported me to try something else as he never lost hope and was always highlighting other aspects of me that he found very pretty and sexy I do not know what would have been of me.
The answer for me came, again from my partner, her was talking to a friend of his and the rosacea theme came about, he recommended my partner to try IPL (intense pulse light). For me this was one more thing to go through, I went to this clinic in London without any hope but well I might as well try it.
Well! what a change!
I am another person, My face has never looked so good!
The treatment hurts a bit but you are able to see the first results within a couple of weeks. In the first year I had to go for a course of 4 treatment, after that I now only go once a year. And it has not only been that the IPL really worked for me but that she also gave me information so I could help myself.
She gave me a list of foods to look out for and avoid as they were the common triggers. It was a long list and of course, I was not susceptible to all of them. It took some time until I found which ones I should be careful with. She also gave me a list of supplements to take which should help to keep my skin healthy. I do not take them all as it would become too expensive for me but I have seen the difference.
Anyone living in London I would definitely recommend then the clinic I went to.
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Hope this helps,


November 27, 2009 - 5:11am


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