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I have dealt with this problem for years and spent thousands of dollars on skin care products that never work. About 6 weeks ago I purchased the Redness Solutions Starter Kit and redness solutions foundation from Clinique. It has calmed my skin considerably and I no longer have the little bumps on my skin and the redness and flushing is not nearly as bad. I had tried this line before and didn't care for it when I was using the cleanser, mild clarifying lotion, moisturizer, sunscreen, and mineral powder. I have found that the mineral powder and sunscreen actually irritate my skin pretty badly, so I skip these. The clarifying lotion was stripping my skin and irritating it as well. So this time I simply use the cleanser (apply to face, then remove with a wash cloth), the moisturizer, then the foundation if it's day time. Remember everyones skin reacts differently, but this one has worked great for me.

February 1, 2011 - 9:21am


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