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A tan can look GREAT on someone who is a little darker naturally or olive complexioned but I see these girls where my finacee goes to college who are pale little white girls and lie out in bikinis to get "tanned" but turn red like lobsters and then peel...looks awful...and is SO dangerous! They also regularly use tanning salons. It's mad to me, that in this day and age, the tan is still considered a "healthy" look. I believe that tanning salons should clearly state the dangers of UV rays.
In Hollywood, where I lived 'till recently, you never saw a beautiful actress or model with a tan, as they all know the dangers and also want to keep their skin looking young for as long as possible. And it works! I have never tanned atall and have baby skin...I am pale as a china doll..but so what? I think I look healthy...I have rosy cheeks.
A tan is great if you have lots of melanin in your skin but if you are a pale, red head or blonde, then embrace your paleness or like susanc says, use a tanning cream!

April 30, 2009 - 10:52pm


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