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I am an avid tanner so I can relate to the idea of although it is an unhealthy lifestyle I still tan on a weekly basis. Mainly, I started tanning due to seasonal depression throughout the winter. I continue throughout the summertime, once a week, to hide tan lines from being outside in the real sun. Overexposure maybe, but I own a swimming pool and love outdoor activities in the summertime which is impossible to stay out of the sun.

Funny enough, my tanning salon already heeds warnings about sun exposure right when you walk into the door. You also have to sign a waiver form before indoor tanning that also states the warnings of sun exposure to your health and you have to sign that waiver form that you read and understand all the warnings.

In addition to the written form (at initial sign up), any time I go tanning, I sign my name in a book as well to acknowledge that I will wear the eye protection that they provide. So, in other words, every time I tan, I am acknowledging the risks.

The effects of radiation on the body can certainly be toxic in every form. I work everyday with the individuals that were involved in the production of the atomic bomb and the health effects of radiation can be somewhat horrific.

Everyday, we are exposed to radiation in some form but overexposure is what will cause long term effects. Did you know that flight crews are monitored for radiation exposure (dosimetry badges) since when you fly, you are closer in the atmosphere to the sun which causes higher radiation doses?

Recognizing the risk is one thing but making a poor decision is another. I would say choosing to tan is a poor decision based on the sun exposure I endure in the summertime but it is a price I pay and certainly may be a bad decision later in life.

I also agree with the above post that even cigarettes have their warnings on every pack although, people continue to smoke. It is a decision.

May 3, 2009 - 8:24am


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