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As a former employee of a tanning salon, I know that several of the "facts" you have posted in your article are simply false. You, as well as several other Americans, have bought into a pharmaceutical scandal called "Sun scare." Sun scare is an attempt (and apparently a success) by Skincare companies to frighten the American people into staying away from the sun, and to purchase more sunscreen. They sell millions and millions of dollars of their products to women just like you who are afraid of stepping into the sunlight. If you had studied up on skin cancer instead of making vast stereotypes about tanning salon employees (I'm brunette, not blonde, not skinny, and try to consider the clothing I put on my body to be anything but trashy) you would have seen that the majority of skin cancer patients are people that have worked indoors their whole life, rarely people who work in the sun. Skin cancer, especially the melonoma you talked about, usually appears in areas that are unexposed to sun...such as the bottoms of the feet and armpits. While I agree that tanning religiously isn't ideal due to the possibility of getting sunburned (just like you can get in the sun if negligent), if an individual tans and learns to tan responsibly, I don't think that they are risking their health in half as many ways as this bogus article suggests.

Note to the author: Study up a little more on your topic before writing vague and unconvincing articles.

July 2, 2009 - 9:03am


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