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What a great site! I had a LAVH a year ago and have been on 0.25 estrogen patch for about 9 months. I am 50 and have always been very athletic and in good shape. I too, have gained about 10 lbs. lots of bloating ,breast discomfort and pms symptoms. I hate the way hormones make me feel and have tried to go off them a few times, always to begin again in about a week. It's really a no win situation. Now, I've gone off Hrt once again to see if I can drop some weight. I definitely don't have the bloating, etc. which makes me feel miserable. My doctor says to wait about a month to really see if I can handle not taking HRT. I am taking lots of supplements and soy, plus 20 mg. prozac, which helps with my mood. Still dealing with the hot flashes but would rather deal with these than feel and look like a bloated cow!

January 26, 2012 - 12:14pm


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