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Hi All,
I noticed this site and would like to post my story and see if anyone can advise. I am 34 and have had 15 years of infertility, suffered ovarian cysts over this time period, the most recent was september 2011 also they took away my tubes as they were severely damaged which may of been due to my appendix bursting at age 4. Anyway, long story short.. I have finally accepted I will never be a mother and want to get my life in order starting with my ongoing main problem of vaginal dryness which has got progressivley worse over the last 3 years and is causing very big problems in my relationship, I used to have a problem being too wet now its the opposite and its driving me mad and the soreness is so uncomfortable, my fiance thinks I dont find him sexually attractive and this is not the case, my mind is thinking completely the opposite to what my body is doing. This along with foul moods, depression, tiredness and terrible headaches, and now thining hair and my skin in poor condition. I have been for blood tests last week to see if its connected to thyroid gland, bloods were normal and told no action to take. My Dr said she thinks its psychological because of what ive been through but this I dont feel is true. Ive also had bloods done to test FSH levels and told im nowhere near menopause, but I have nearly all the symptoms except I dont have the hot flushes. I dont know what else to do, so I purchased from Holland and Barrett the Flash Fighters as advised by the assistant and started it yesterday, as ive tried everything else and the dr wont give me anything as she said it is not hormonal as my periods are still regular and bloods normal. I am sorry if im not on the right site, I just need help and advice and want to feel like my old self again xx

May 19, 2012 - 1:52pm


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