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You had me at "...is this another of the delightful manifestations that occur during this wonderful phase of life?!" and I empathize with and echo "I just want my life back." I recently turned 39 and haven't had children. After many visits with my general practitioner and ob/gyn, I've now escalated concerns about hormone related migraines to a neurologist. Over the past 5 years, I've trialed ibuprophen, tylonal, different forms of birth control as HRT, a beta blocker, amerge and recently supplemented omega 3&6, multi-vitamin, and calcium & vitamin D with 400 mg of B2 plus 500 mg of magnesium citrate. While a continuous daily dose of Low Ogestrel and the vitamin regimon seems to be minimizing symptoms of peri-menopause, the migraines haven't subsided. Periodically Amerge will reduce the severity, but results are random. I've been experiencing perimenopause symptoms (as listed on webmd and mayoclinic sites) for 5 years, although no doctor has labelled me with it. Instead they've each suggested I get pregnant as it could 'reset' my hormones and eliminate the migraines. Anyone experience success with this? The odds of that being possible seem slim given what I've read about perimenopause. But what if I did get pregnant, and the migraines continued. That seems unfair to a child. I feel like life is passing me by, and find it difficult to accept that with all the advancments and accomplishments in medicine, no team of doctors can recommend a viable solution that works.

March 19, 2010 - 9:07pm


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