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I think if you've been experiencing perimenopause for 5 years, you would be very unlikely the get pregnant. And if you were able, the possibility that the egg would be deficient would be very high. Genetic abnormalities in children of women over 35 increase substationally anyway. My husband and I went to a fertility doctor when I was 36 and my eggs were so non-responsive that he only tried to stimulate them twice before calling a halt. He explained that even though my hormone levels didn't show absolute menopause, it was likely "the factory had shut down".

HRT made my migraines worse, but apparently they can affect everyone differently. My doctor suggested taking 5-HPT just once a day has and it has increased my mood some (serotonin booster). I've been on it 2 weeks and actually had about 12 hours between migraines. Not sure if it's from the 5-HPT, but if low serotonin levels the cause of my constant migraines, I'll be ecstatic. If not, at least I feel a little better. :>)

March 19, 2010 - 11:01pm


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