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I had pedicures in the past many times without any health problems whatsoever, then I fell out of the pedicure loop and hadn't gone in years. I decided to 'treat' myself & get a pedicure so my feet would look nice in sandals for the summer...Boy! never could I have imagined...I never did wear sandals that summer, and I can only wear Crocs. I do wear my running shoes for about 45 mins. twice a week.

I did inform the salon & they told me I was mistaken. I hired an attorney and I decided to sue them...after all, my life is forever altered. This has affected not only my health, it's affected my work, my relationships and what I can and cannot do on a daily basis. Since I do everything via Debit Card, I traced back to that day...and sure enough, the salon I went to is on record. When my attorney contacted the salon owner, she again denied I was ever there. We showed the debit receipt and at that point, I just handed everything over to my attorney. The case is not yet settled due to my still receiving treatments. I will tell you, there is not enough money in the world to compensate me for this experience, for what I lost, for what I have been through...it really seems empty to me. What I would really like is to have my health back to the place it was before I walked into that salon.


September 24, 2008 - 5:41pm


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