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I've been suffering with V. for the past 4 years (exactly how long I've been married). Before this, I never had a problem. There have been breaks where I feel okay again, but they are few and far between. By the sounds of it, mine is a more mild case-I only notice it when my husband and I have sex. The odd time I can feel the shooting pains when I'm sitting working at my desk.

In everything I've read online (I'm all about the natural approach) I've come to realize that it most likely stems from Candida. Most people don't realize that Candida affects your hormones which can mess up your whole body and how it works. I have many of the symptoms of Candida already and this is just one more. I purchased the ThreeLac system and the oxygen elements plus and am going to do a 2 month candida cleanse and follow a candida diet. It's going to be tough but the results which I'm praying for should be worth it.

It's such a frustrating thing to have never had a normal sex life with your husband and wanting to start a family. How can you even plan to do that when you've never had a pain-free intimate experience with your spouse. This is not a well known condition, but I first learned of the name on Dr. Oz' show. Nobody should have to suffer this kind of pain.

October 26, 2010 - 10:59pm


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