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I wonder if women are more receptive to the therapeutic qualities of moving or large bodies of water, and to the sound of water, than men. Men have more of a conquering attitude toward water, I think, therefore the need to sail or voyage across the seas and the appreciation for the power of the oceans. I think that men would find more zen in raked rock gardens, again "conquering" the material.

I was born where the mountains meet the sea, so it seems to be in my nature to gravitate toward large bodies of water, rather than streams or rivers. There is definitely a significant change in my overall well-being and attitude when I'm near a lake or ocean, a feeling of being home.

But, I'm scared to death of being out in open sea. Weird, eh? I think that stems from a scary childhood memory of sailing on a steamship across the Pacific...and I'm a Navy brat, haha!

My DH, on the other hand, while he likes the beach, doesn't understand my need to be next to - not just near - water. Living inland for the past 30 years has not been my happiest experience and we're trying to agree upon a waterfront location for our retirement years...that we can afford or that isn't in the path of annual hurricanes.

Glad you were able to enjoy a lovely break at the beach!

September 25, 2008 - 5:32pm


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