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I was diagnosed with vulvodynia (I'd been suffering for more than a year) just one day after I was diagnosed with breast cancer and put on tamoxifen. Gynae gave me Trimovate cream for vulvodynia, which really does help (it's a combination of steroid, antibiotic and anti-fugal). She also told me that vulvodynia normally gets BETTER after menopause.

I don't think the Tamoxifen has made any difference to the vulvodynia. Only thing it has done is increase vaginal discharge and give me some pain in the vagina. I used to get heavy vaginal discharge in the second half of the month when I was seeing my periods and was told this was due to the fact I made too much progesterone. I therefore assume that the discharge I am experiencing now is hormonal and something to do with the Tamoxifen.

December 4, 2008 - 2:33am


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