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my vulvodynia began on july 3rd, 2007. Mine has actually been diagonosed as clitorodynia. After seeing three different doctors, two of which were gyno's and one doctor of internal medicine, i was acurately diagnosed by a specialist i found thru the National Vulvodynia Assoc (NVA) who found that I have a tear in my clitoris. For three months I have been using a estrogen/lidocaine cream made by a compounding pharmacist. It was a little irritating for about 48 hours then has brought some relief. Still not having sex as we are hoping the tear will heal. I am doubtful since it has been 19 months since the injury occurred, but will try anything to get my life back. Psychologically just having someone confirm what I had been trying to describe to the other doctors and my husband was wonderful. I am still in the middle of my treatment. I am also on 50mg of amitriptyline to block the pain receptors, but if i wear the wrong thing or sit wrong, wipe too hard, etc. I feel irritation. My husband too has been very suportive, thank goodness, but as someone in an earlier post mentioned you do begin to feel broken or defective and just plain tired of living with this condition.

February 25, 2009 - 5:31pm


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